28 April 2016
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Company website: http://www.getweave.com/

Weave is a dental phone company similar to AT&T, Verizon, and Comcast. When you sign up for Weave, you can cancel your current phone provider - saving you money. Weave offers unlimited lines, unlimited local calling, and unlimited long-distance calling. Weave is a phone company that has been developed specifically for the dental industry. You will get to keep your old phone numbers and you can get new phone numbers if you would like. The main difference between Weave and other phone companies is that Weave syncs with your dental software, automatically providing valuable patient information on each and every phone call.

Weave automatically syncs with most dental software and can help your staff communicate more effectively with your patients. Weave syncs beautiful software together with telephone service and your dental software. When a patient calls into your practice, everything about the patient and their family will automatically pop-up on your computer screen. Your staff will know if the patient on the other line has a birthday coming up, when their next appointment is, if any of their family members are overdue, or if their is an unpaid balance on the account - all without putting the patient on hold or looking anything up in your dental software.

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