Please describe the business, and what will make it successful.

Does your company have unique and/or protectable products or services with large market opportunities and recurring revenue models?

Is the management team in place and full time on the venture?

Is your product ready for market (beta, with early adopters at a minimum)?

Are you within six months of making meaningful revenue?

Can your venture be cash flow positive within a maximum of two years, and break even within 3 years?

Do you have a clear strategy for how your investors will make money?

Does your venture have the potential for a return of a 3-5 times our invested capital in 3-5 years (equates to between $15M- $30 in annual revenue at a minimum)?

Is your company Utah based? Does your company have a website? (If so, please list the URL below)

What are you looking to raise, and what are you planning to offer in exchange (what are the terms of your deal or ask)?


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